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The Korea Institute of Martial Arts (KIMA) was founded in 1982 as an international charter center for the training, certification, and advanced continuing education of traditional authentic Black Belts and masters. KIMA’s philosophy, approach, mission, and vision are devoted to the cultivation of complete 360-degree martial arts knowledge, skills and abilities, in tandem with the scientific research of martial arts at the highest academic and applied levels. KIMA is officially recognized worldwide, wielding charter authority to issue Black Belt and master rank certifications through the World KIDO Federation, the Kukkiwon, Korea Hapkido Association, Korea Tae Kwon Do Association, and others. KIMA is the originating institution of the Integrated Martial Arts Systems (IMAS) open framework; Defensive Responsive Protective Tactical Systems (DRPT); and the inclusive combat-authentic systems of White Horse Kuk Sool Hapkido.
The Applied Martial Science Institute (AMSI) was established in 2001 originally as the International Institute of Martial Science & Applied Leadership. Later renamed AMSI, the Institute was founded with a parallel, complementary charter to KIMA: to unify and integrate Western and Eastern approaches to the art of organizational leadership and the science of human peak performance, based upon the universal principles of martial science. AMSI’s revolutionary framework of “martial science-based leadership” and “human performance sciences” is an unprecedented combination of disciplines from both worlds: Western management science and systems thinking; Eastern philosophy, history and economy; Western biomedicine, sports science and fitness lifestyle; Eastern holistic medicine, wellness and ki/chi cultivation; Western security science and crisis management; and Eastern martial strategy, doctrine and tactics.
Jointly, AMSI and KIMA provide training, education, research, consultation, and advisory services and solutions to individuals, groups, corporations, nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, governmental agencies, and executive leaders across the private and public sectors. Through a unique Western-Eastern paradigm of universal martial science, advanced mind-body development, human peak performance, and total applied leadership, AMSI and KIMA strive for the empowerment, fulfillment, enlightenment, and advancement of the individual and society.
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